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Millennium BCP (Portugal)


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Land for construction in Sintra

Project composed by 32 lot of land and included in the Special Planning of the Natural Park of Sintra/Cascais, whose urban operation is part of the «Urban Areas» of the PDM of Sintra.

Specifically, the development is located in Monte Santos, between the Centro de Ciência in Ribeira de Sintra and the Hokey Club of Sintra, very close to the Historic Center of Sintra and its area of beaches, in particular Praia das Maçãs.

The access roads are good, about 20 minutes from Lisbon, 5 minutes from the historic center and Sintra train station and 15 minutes from Praia das Maçãs.

Lots 1 to 3, 5 to 23 and 25 to 32 are for the construction of single-family houses with 2 parking spaces, with gross building areas between 216 and 500 sq.m and whose lots vary between 1,202 and 4,526 sq.m.

Due to the slope of the land, along with its orientation in relation to the view, the architect carried out architectural projects for a set of 11 types of buildings, taking into account the characteristics of each type of lot.

For lot 4, with 3,061 sq.m is planned the construction of a commercial building with 56 parking spaces, with 1 floor above the ground and 1 floor below, with 4 commercial fractions, plus 2 floors below the groung for parking (conference center).

For lot 24, a 5 * hotel unit is planned with 30 parking spaces, in a maximum deployment area of 2,056 sq.m and 4,112 sq.m of Gross Construction area. It will have 2 floors above the ground intended for hotel use (rooms) and 2 floors below also for hotel use and parking.

The Bank owns 5 other buildings, adjointed to the lot lot 24 and they will have to be commercialized together, representing 8,160 sq.m. The architect who carried out the previous studies regarding the Hotel had already considered that those lands would be part of the public place of the Hotel.

Información de la promoción

  • Tipo de inmueble: Suelo
  • Tipo de uso: Residencial / Comercial / Oficinas / Hotelero
  • Precio (sin impuestos): 13.500.000 €

Ubicación de la promoción

    Internacional: Portugal
  • Población: SINTRA