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Alexandre Herculano Galleries

Millennium BCP (Portugal)


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21 stores in the Alexandre Herculano Galleries, inserted in a 17-story office building at Alexandre Herculano Street, nº50.

3 of the stores are owned by Millennium bcp Imobiliária, SA 100% owned by the Bank and are located in the interior area of the ground floor occupying 87 sq.m.

The other 18, are located in the upper floor of the gallery, in a total area of 384 sq.m and are owned by Banco Comercial Português, SA

Common areas 393 sq.m.

There are 4 additional stores owned by third parties.

Ref. 60204..60225 + 87843..846

Price 1.700.000€

Información de la promoción

  • Tipo de inmueble: Oficinas
  • Certificacion energética del edificio: Pendiente de tramitación

Ubicación de la promoción

    Internacional: Portugal
  • Población: Lisboa