Why visiting


SIMA concentrates a wide range of real estate and related services, presented by leading companies under advantageous conditions.

SIMA will make it easier for you to deal directly with the seller, so that finding the house or property you are looking for is a little easier.

During your visit to SIMA you will be able to enjoy in the same space:

  • The latest offers from the most relevant and reliable companies in the sector.
  • The commitment of exhibiting companies, institutions and participants.
  • Special offers and promotions from our exhibitors, offered exclusively to our visitors.
  • Personalized advice and counselling, from the best companies, official schools and institutions.
  • Informative lectures, with the most current contents given by the best professionals.
  • Themed entertainment and educational spaces, which will show you the latest innovations in home equipment.


SIMA has the presence of the most outstanding companies and professional contents of maximum interest for the different agents of the sector. We invite you to visit SIMA if you are interested in:

  • Keeping up to date on the offer and the novelties presented by the exhibitors.
  • Discovering investment or business opportunities in Spain or other countries.
  • Strengthening or creating new business relationships and alliances.
  • Seeking the view of other experts on the situation and trends of the sector.
  • Sharing your view on the national and international market with other professionals
  • Participate as an exhibitor in future editions.