SIMA wants to offer advisory services and added value to improve the experience of the visit and contribute to the fair being perceived as safe, reliable and playful. In this way SIMA has created: SIMA te asesora, SIMA Academy, SIMAlab and SIMA´s MiniClub.

SIMA te asesora

Do you have doubts about some aspect of the process of buying or selling a home? Solve them in SIMA.

SIMA offers you an information point where you can solve your doubts free of charge on any subject related to the sale, rental or use of a house.

Security in the sale or rental of houses

SIMA te asesora reinforces the fair as a safe environment for the sale or rental of a home, in which visitors can receive personalized professional advice, in addition to comparing the existing offer.

SIMA Academy

SIMA Academy is a conference program about basic topics in the sale and rental of a home: legal issues, mortgage, prices, qualities, etc.

The purpose of these conferences is to help you make one of the most important decisions, buy your home.




SIMAlab is an initiative of SIMA and BREEAM that wants to show the benefits of sustainability, innovation and technology applied to the housing production.

In SIMAlab you can do simple experiments that show that each house is different, that the introduction of sustainability measures has a direct impact on the quality of human´s life, as well as what are the benefits derived from adequate thermal, acoustic, lighting comfort.

SIMA’S Miniclub

Come with your children! SIMA offers a playful space with workshops and games specially designed for the enjoyment of the children.

We make the visit an unforgettable experience for everyone.