Small Investor and Owners Forum

May 24-27, 2023. IFEMA MADRID

The real estate sector is the destination for the savings of many small investors and homeowners, who see it as an option to supplement their income or their retirement. This forum allows them to learn about the market, the opportunities and the risks, in order to invest responsibly.

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How to invest wisely in real estate: questions and answers for small investors and landlords

In order to make good investment decisions, it is necessary to ask the right questions to help us define our profile. What is my starting point? what is the time horizon of my investment? how much will I invest? what risk do I want to take? should I diversify?

Tax planning of real estate investments

Correct tax planning is essential to know exactly the real profitability of an investment and how taxes impact your earnings. Different taxes are levied on the acquisition (VAT, ITP, AJD), the holding of the property, the income obtained from its operation and its disposal.

Housing and retirement: options for homeowners and investors

There are more and more options that allow for responsible investment in homes owned by the elderly with benefits for both the investor and the owner. This session will review alternatives such as bare ownership, reverse home ownership or sale with guaranteed rent, among other formulas.

Investing in listed real estate companies and SOCIMI

The real estate sector offers several options for investing in it without the need to purchase property. One of them is to acquire shares in companies listed on the IBEX, the continuous market or the Mercado Alternativo Bursátil. Most SOCIMIs are listed on the latter.

Rented housing: market situation and investment alternatives

The rental sector is attracting the interest of all types of investors. It is a market with increasingly complex regulations that need to be understood, and with a client, the tenant, who increasingly demands better qualities and services.

Investing in homes on the coast

Holiday homes are a typical medium and long-term real estate investment product that can offer interesting returns. In this session we will learn about the key issues of the holiday market in the main Spanish tourist destinations.

Financing my investments in a context of rising interest rates: is it still a good option?

Buying a property using bank financing is a way of increasing the profitability of the investment, as we will be reducing the capital invested. But what happens in a scenario of rising interest rates: is financing still a good option?

Investing in tokenised real estate assets

Technological developments are bringing new forms of investment in the real estate sector that are still unknown to many. Tokenisation, blockchain, NFTs, cryptocurrency, are terms that are gradually making their way into the vocabulary of investors.

Real estate crowdfunding: investment within everyone’s reach

In recent times, the so-called Participatory Financing Platforms, better known as real estate crowdfunding, have proliferated. Regulated by the CNMV, their main attraction is that they allow investment in real estate from just a few hundred euros. What does such an investment consist of? What advantages and risks do they have? What profitability do they offer?

Coinvestment: an option for putting capital into larger real estate projects

Normally, the individual investor is associated with small-scale operations such as the purchase of individual properties. We explain the keys to an investment option that opens the door to participating in larger projects and, potentially, with a higher return.

Make better investment decisions with the help of professional services and digital tools

Before I invest, how can I assess the attractiveness of an area, what sources of information are available, and which service companies can I turn to? The real estate sector is becoming increasingly sophisticated and offers multiple options for a small investor to have more information when making decisions. Find out how.

Purchase, refurbishment and sale of real estate assets

The purchase, usually of homes or premises, for refurbishment and sale promises a good potential return in a short space of time. As always, be aware of the risks, especially if the investment includes a change of use.

Manage your rentals in a professional manner

Today the market offers a multitude of professional services to provide the best service to your tenants, including through digital tools. This is something to value in order to gain their loyalty in a sector with many young clients. It will also help you to better manage your property or properties.

Vacation rentals: an updated view of the market

After COVID, many owners who had switched to traditional rentals have returned to holiday rentals or short term rentals. How is supply and demand, and is it still an attractive investment?

Refurbishment and energy efficiency: impact on property value

The energy efficiency of homes, and of properties in general, is increasingly important in purchasing and rental decisions. Undertaking a refurbishment increases the attractiveness for buyers and tenants and has an impact on the value of the property.

International investment

The real estate sector offers the opportunity to invest in other countries as well, but, as always, it is necessary to be aware of the risks and, as far as possible, to be advised by experts. In this session we explain how to do this.

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