SALÓN DEL INVERSOR INMOBILIARIO will be held in parallel to SIMA 2025 from May 21-24. Its objectives include providing companies with a channel to attract investors interested in real estate assets and related services, offering savers and small investors investment and real estate savings opportunities and quality information for decision-making.

SALÓN DEL INVERSOR will promote the real estate sector as a safe, long-term investment destination.

Exhibition sectors

  • Developers and marketers of homes and other real estate assets in Madrid
  • Developers and marketers of homes and other assets in other destinations of interest in other cities and on the coast.
  • Crowdfunding and crowdlending platforms
  • Urban planning, tax and investment consultancy companies
  • Wealth management and advisory companies
  • Financial institutions
  • Asset valuation and appraisal companies
  • Law firms
  • Architecture and interior design studios
  • Rental housing management service companies
  • Other companies providing services related to the purchase and sale, refurbishment or administration of properties

Visitor profile

Non-professional savers and small investors

  • Entrepreneurs, managers, liberal professionals or families who wish to invest in real estate to supplement their income or as future savings
  • Retired people or people approaching retirement who are looking for a way to supplement their pension
  • Individuals in general who wish to learn about the different ways of investing in the real estate sector (property acquisition, investment in listed companies, crowdfunding…)
  • Prescribers

Companies and professionals who advise their clients on investment decisions in real estate assets:

  • Asset managers
  • APIs and other real estate intermediaries
  • Property managers
  • Architects
  • Lawyers
  • Tax and investment advisors
  • Private banking and others


SALÓN DEL INVERSOR INMOBILIARIO will have a physical space for presenting projects, interacting, communicating and informing the interested public, and a specific conference agenda for savers and small non-professional investors that will focus on the following topics:

  • How to invest wisely in real estate: questions and answers for small investors and owners
  • Tax planning for real estate investments
  • Housing and retirement: options for homeowners and investors
  • Investing in listed real estate companies and SOCIMIs
  • Rental housing: market situation and investment alternatives
  • Investing in coastal housing
  • Financing my investments in a context of rising interest rates: is it still a good option?
  • Investing in tokenised real estate assets
  • Real estate crowdfunding: investment within reach of all budgets
  • Co-investment: an option for putting capital into larger real estate projects
  • Make better investment decisions with the help of professional services and digital tools
  • Buy, refurbish and sell real estate assets
  • Manage your rentals professionally
  • Holiday lettings: an up-to-date view of the market
  • Refurbishment and energy efficiency: impact on property value
  • International investment

List of participating companies