Confidencial Imobiliário (Portugal)


Confidencial Imobiliário (Ci) is an independent databank, being the only source in Portugal with real data on residential transaction prices and yields, computed at local level and by market segment.

Our mission is to meet the market players’ information needs, supporting their investment and commercial activities.

Ci’s databases gather the transactions from all major real estate agents, developers, investors, servicers and banks operating in Portugal, being in the reference for all credit decision processes and NPLs deals.

Año de inicio de actividades: 1988

Activity sector: Other products and services related to real estate

Localización de la oferta internacional: Portugal

Servicios: Consultoría • Otros servicios para empresas y profesionales

Contact data
Address Rua Gonçalo Cristovão, 185, 6º, 4049-012, 4049-012 Porto Porto, Portugal
Contact person José Almeida, Director Comercial
EMail: jalmeida@confidencialimobiliar...

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