Space Booking SIMA 2019

The full version of the “General Rules of Participation” is available to anyone interested.

Article 1. Definitions

In the present general rules of participation, the terms “Exhibition”, “Fair” or “Event” refer to the exhibition SIMA 2019. The term “Exhibitor” includes anyone who has space in the exhibition. The terms “Organizer” or “Organization” appoint Planner Exhibitions. The term “Parque Ferial” refers to the venue where the event takes place.

Article 2. Acceptance of the rules of participation

All entities or individuals requesting their participation as exhibitors at SIMA 2019, accept the present general conditions that form a part of the exhibition contract.

Article 3. Participation

3.1. Who may participate. All companies, institutions and bodies whose activities form part of the sector that makes up the subject of demonstration may participate at the Madrid International Real Estate Exhibition (SIMA in the Spanish acronym). The Organizers reserve the possibility of excluding any party that might be the cause of unfair competition or any other infraction of established rights, any individual who sub-lets or transfers the use of the space reserved (or part thereof) to a third party, or anyone who fails to man their stand during the hours that the fair is open to the public. The exhibitors, on signing the contract, accept these conditions, and the rules and regulations set out by the event organizers.

3.2. Space Allocation. The booking form is the contractual basis between Planner Exhibitions S.L. (sole organizer of SIMA) and the event exhibitors. In order for the space to be allocated, the exhibitor must pay the initial deposit which is specified in the Method of Payment section. Spaces will not be allocated to any company who has an outstanding bill from previous fairs. Likewise, in the event that an exhibitor does not meet payment deadlines within the established timeframe, this exhibitor will lose his/her right to participate and any sums of money paid up to that point will be forfeit. If the space has not been paid in full by the exhibitor before the start of the fair, his/her participation will not be authorized.

3.3. Method of payment. The payment of the contracting of space will be made in euros, by check or bank transfer according to the schedule indicated in the Form of contract of space. Payment is to be made to Planner Exhibitions. Castelló 64, 28001. Madrid. Spain.

3.4. Order of choice of space on the stand layout plan. The General Conditions of Reservation are applicable to a provision of any company that requests them. After this period and once assigned spaces to the companies that were accepted as a reservation, the choice of space is made by rigorous order of contracting and payment. In any case, PLANNER EXHIBITIONS reserves the right to reserve special spaces in the layout plan for institutions, associations, promotional areas, guest country or others, which will not be subjected to this system.

3.5. Subleasing or transferring a space. It is strictly prohibited to transfer or sublease a space to any company other than that which is specifically mentioned in the previous point.

3.6. Prices and conditions. The prices and conditions will be those that are specified on the space booking form.

3.7. Mandatory services. The hiring of space carries necessarily the mandatory services listed in the space booking form to the rates stipulated.

3.8. Additional services. Reserving a space only gives the right to the use of the space that has been contracted. Through the Planner Exhibitions Exhibitor Service Department (telephone no. 902 151 945;, the exhibitor may request those services deemed necessary. The complete details of these services are outlined in the “Range of Exhibitor Services”, which will be sent out to each exhibitor once a space booking has been completed.

3.9. Exhibitor badges. Staff of the exhibiting companies must be duly accredited to access the fair. The application for accreditation will take place as stipulated in the “Range of Exhibitor Services”.

3.10 Invitations. The Organization shall make available to exhibitors printed or electronic invitations to visit the fair. Such a request will be held as stipulated in “Range of Exhibitor Services”.

3.11. Changes in the stand layout plan. In the case of force majeure or necessity, the organizer reserves the right to change the situation and dimensions of the space, change or close the pavilion’s entrances or exits, as well as to undertake building work or modifications, without any of the above allowing the exhibitors the right to claim compensation.

3.12. Stand number. The stand numbers that are marked on the promotional plan are provisional. The exhibitor must abstain from carrying out any publicity or promotion using said numbers. The organizer will make an announcement, in advance, regarding the final stand number.

3.13. Cancellation due to force majeure. In the event of the trade fair not being able to take place as a result of force majeure, the organizers are exempt from any responsibility, and will not be responsible for the payment of any kind of compensation. However, the exhibitors will be returned the full sum of any money paid by them.

3.14 During the opening hours the exhibitor should attend the stand.

Article 5. Exhibitor resignation

If the exhibitor decides not to participate, any sum paid up to that point will be forfeit. If this decision is communicated in the 30 days before the start of the fair, the organizers may require that the exhibitor pay the full price of the space, even if the latter may be subsequently hired out to an alternate exhibitor.

Article 6. Staff in charge of the Exhibitor directly or indirectly (abstract)

Both the exhibitor as well as any contractors and subcontractors, including the company that has been contracted to dismantle the stands, must be aware of all the conditions to be met in terms of tax, labor law, social security, accident prevention and any other rules or regulations that might apply to the activities undertaken in the space that has been hired. The organizers do not admit any form of liability for failing to meet any of the above obligations. It is as such that the exhibitor undertakes to compensate the organizers for any loss or damage that may be caused, directly or indirectly, by the former, as a consequence of fines or any other ruling by the authorities, resultant from the failure to meet said obligations and/or for any claims made by the exhibitors’ contractors or subcontractors, including the company engaged to dismantle the exhibitors’ stands, their employees or the exhibitors themselves and, in general, any individual, natural or legal person, who undertakes any type of activity in the hired space.

Article7. Sectorial regulation of exhibition products

The exhibitor agrees to expose, offer or commercialize exclusively products and services that fully comply with the legal regulations applicable to them.

Article 11. Security and hygiene regulations

The Fair has its own security and surveillance service. The Organizers will undertake surveillance in the exhibition areas, but will not be responsible for the materials and objects that are put in each stand, or for any damage that may be caused to objects, samples, assembly or presentation material, either before, during, or after the Fair has taken place. In no case may the Exhibitor request responsibility organization for loss or damage to the material and objects that are in the booth, any that are alleged.

During the assembly period the service aisles must be kept clear. The Organizers’ cleaning service will be able to take away any objects that are located in the communal areas once the assembly period has come to an end.

Companies with own free-design stands must ensure that the company engaged to undertake their dismantling undertake the primary cleaning of the stand.

Exhibitors are advised to take away any valuable materials at the beginning of dismantling. The organizers will not take any responsibility for any material that is lost or destroyed during the dismantling period.

Article 13. Opening, Assembly and Dismantling hours and access and exit of exhibitors

13.1. Opening hours for visitors. 30 and 31 May and 1 June 2019, from 11:00 to 20:00 hours; 2 June 2019, 11:00 to 15:00.

13.2 Opening hours for exhibitors. 30 May 2019, from 8:30 to 20:30 hours; 31 May and 1 June 2019, 10:00 to 20.30 hours; 2 June 2019, 10.00 to 15.30 hours.

13.3 Assembly. 26 May 2019, from 15:00 to 21:30 hours; 27, 29 and 29 May 2019, from 8:30 to 21:30 hours. Wooden modular stand will be available for the exhibitor from Wednesday, 29 May at 15:00 hours.

13.4 Dismantling. 2 June 2019, from 15:30 to 21:30 hours; 3 June 2019,from 8:30 to 21:30 hours and 4 June, from 8:30 to 15:00 hours.

13.5 Authorization for Assembly and Dismantling. To authorize the entry of materials and the start of the stand mounting or, where appropriate, to authorize the withdrawal of materials during dismantling, the Exhibitor must have paid up all of the amounts in regard to contracted space and services.

Article 14. Entry and exit of materials

14.1. Timetable. For entry/exit of materials, objects and decoration material, the Exhibitor must comply with Assembly and Dismantling timetable established by the Organizer. Outside these hours, they must obtain a permission from the Organizer.

14.2. Entry of materials and equipment for exhibitors with modular stand. In the case of exhibitors who have chosen to participate with modular stand, timetable for the entry of materials and equipment is indicated in the “Range of Exhibitor Services”.

The materials will be received by the exhibitor staff in charge of the stand. Under no circumstances the Organization of the fair will assume the responsibility of receiving these materials.

14.3. Withdrawal of reusable materials and other items of value during disassembly. Exhibitors with modular stands who wish to reuse materials or elements of decoration of their stands (graphic or other) should coordinate its withdrawal with the supplier which has provided such materials and with the company responsible for the assembly of the stand. Exhibitors with free design stand must coordinate with the company responsible for the assembly of the stand. For greater control of the material to be recovered, exhibitors may also inform the organization by e-mail to , but in any case the organization will be responsible for materials, decorative elements or equipment that are misplaced or destroyed during the dismantling period. It is recommended that the reusable materials and any other item that is considered of value are withdrawn at the beginning of the dismantling, immediately after the conclusion of the celebration schedule.

14.3 Material not removed. Any material, object or product that remains in the Pavilion once Dismantling is finished will be removed by the organizer. The exhibitor is obliged to pay the costs of such withdrawal.

Article 17. GENERAL SOCIETY OF AUTHORS AND EDITORS (S.G.A.E in the Spanish Acronym)

The exhibitor must respect the current legislation regarding the use of works of intellectual property and should provide Planner Exhibitions with a copy of the corresponding authorizations and a receipt for the payment of any rights, before the event takes place. The above procedures should be carried out at the SGAE General Delegation ( Any legal action resultant from a failure to obtain said authorization will be forwarded by Planner Exhibitions to the sanctioned exhibitor.

Article 18. Maximum Sound Level (extract)

Noisy demonstrations that disturb other exhibitors are not allowed and should not exceed 60 decibels.

Article 19. Promotion outside the stand

No Exhibitor may distribute and/or display samples, brochures, leaflets and any kind of promotional material outside the space of his/her stand, with the exception of those who have contracted such a service. Companies that have not contracted this service and distribute advertising outside the stand area will be forced to pay for the service according to the current tariffs.

Article 50. Jurisdiction

This contract and all matters arising from or connected with it shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Spanish Law. In the event of any incidence or conflict that might occur and which is not covered by the General Rules of Participation, the Civil and Commercial Code and the authority of the Madrid Courts of Justice will be called upon.


Due to contracting and awarding the space there will be invoiced to the exhibitor the corresponding amounts for the following items: floor space rent, assembly fee, cleaning, minimal power consumption, civil liability and “Multi-Fair” insurance.

Once the space has been contracted and awarded, the exhibitor may choose between the following modalities for the construction of their stand:

BASIC MODULAR STAND. SIMA offers the possibility to contract a basic modular stand that includes: stand structure and wall panels to separate the neighboring stands (if any), carpet, lighting, electrical distribution board with differential and built-in single socket and Signage with the name of the exhibitor and stand number. Wooden modular stand will be available for the exhibitor from Wednesday, 29 May at 15:00 hours.

FREE-DESIGN STAND. All exhibitors are obliged to assemble their stand, which includes at least the party walls with hall walls or other stands, electrical distribution board with differential, carpet or wooden floor.

TURNKEY STAND. Exhibitors opting for a key in hand stand organization will receive one bill that will include the following concepts: floor space rent, mandatory services (assembly fee, cleaning, minimal power consumption, civil liability and “Multi-Fair” insurance), construction of the stand, carpeting, lighting, signage and furniture. Wooden modular stand will be available for the exhibitor from Wednesday, 29 May at 15:00 hours.





“Madrid International Real Estate Exhibition – (SIMA)” aims to contribute to the professionalization and transparency at the Real Estate sector, unavoidable requirements for the necessary improvement of its image with consumers and the public opinion in general. Related to this item, Planner Exhibitions, promoter and organizer of the fair, has created the CODE OF GOOD PRACTICES, which all the exhibitors may be agree with by signing the fair participation´s contract.


This Code is articulated around the following five areas related to the participation of any entity as exhibitor of the fair:

  • Adequacy of the offer that is presented at the fair to the applicable legal regulations.
  • Communication and information related to their presence at the fair.
  • Attention to the visitors at the stand.
  • Relationship with the rest of the exhibitors at the fair.
  • Claim Management.


3.1 Adequacy of the offer that is presented at the fair to the applicable legal regulations.

SIMA exhibitor will be committed to presenting products or services in its stand that fulfill all the applicable legal regulations.

3.2 Communication and information related to their presence at the fair.

Any communication related to the participation at the fair, as any printed information that the exhibitor provide at its stand, may respect the following principles:

  • Being respectful
  • Being truthful
  • Being adjusted, avoiding artificially exaggerating the attributes or characteristics of the company or of the products or services presented at the fair
  • Being transparent, not hidding any relevant information to the decision-making of a potential client.

3.3 Relationship with the visitors.

The relationship with the visitors may be adjusted to the following criteria:

  • The exhibiting company will ensure that the staff in charge of informing the visitors at the stand has the professional training necessary to perform this work correctly.
  • Ethic exercise. The exhibiting company will ensure that the staff performs its function with integrity, and respecting the information provided to visitors under the same principles set out in section 3.2 above.
  • Law enforcement: The exhibiting Company will ensure that the staff of the stand performs its function complying with applicable legal regulations in the relationship with its visitors, especially regarding consumer protection, prevention of money laundering and personal data protection.

3.4 Relationship with other exhibitors at the fair.

The exhibiting company will act with the utmost respect with the rest of the exhibitors, refraining from publicly expressing criticisms or opinions that could undermine the image of other participating companies or institutions.

During the celebration of the fair they will use promotional tools that not harm other exhibitors and avoid any kind of practices that could be considered as unfair competition.

3.5 Claim Management

The exhibiting company undertakes to process any claims that may arise as a result of its participation in the fair and give a response in the shortest possible time.