Space allocation process SIMA 2022


These General Conditions are applicable to SIMA 2022 (May 26-29, 2022), promoted and organized by PLANNER EXHIBITIONS, and are intended to establish the general conditions for the space allocation process and the criteria to determine the order of choice of the space in the exhibitors floor plan among the entities that formalize such reservation.


Any company interested in participating in SIMA 2022, whether or not it has participated in previous editions of SIMA, may communicate to PLANNER EXHIBITIONS its desire to reserve a space at the fair.

The space reservation will be processed through an online application form that PLANNER EXHIBITIONS has set up for this purpose. Each client will receive a personalized URL to access this form.

For a reservation to be considered valid, it must meet the following three requirements:

  1. The confirmation of the space reservation must be received by PLANNER EXHIBITIONS before 23:59 hours on February 14, 2022, the date on which the space reservation period ends.
  2. The company holding the space reservation must have paid, as a deposit, the equivalent of 15% of the space requested at the price of the fee. The invoice must be sent to PLANNER EXHIBITIONS ( before 11:59 p.m. on February 14, 2022, and the payment must be done in euros.
  3. The company holding the space reservation must not have unpaid invoices from previous editions.


Once the initial reservation period has concluded, the order of the choice of space will be the one that results from the points obtained by each company that has formalized a valid reservation. Points obtained by each company will be calculated as follows:

  1. Points per meters reserved: 1 point for every 10 sqm reserved for SIMA 2022.
  2. Points for participation in previous editions:
  • Only those exhibitors who have participated, as holders of their stand, in SIMA Autumn 2021, SIMA 2021, SIMA Autumn 2019, SIMA 2019, SIMA Autumn 2018 and/or SIMA 2018 may earn points for this concept.
  • For exhibitors who meet the above condition, the percentage resulting from the following table will be applied to the score obtained per reserved meters:
Exhibitor in % to be added per meters reserved
SIMA Autumn 2021 (November 26-28) 30%
SIMA 2021 (May 27-30) 30%
SIMA Autumn 2019 (October 25-27) 20%
SIMA 2019 (May 30-June 2) 20%
SIMA Autumn 2018 (November 16-18) 15%
SIMA 2018 (May 31-June 3) 15%
SIMA Autumn 2017 (October 27-29) 10%
SIMA 2017 (May 25-28) 10%
SIMA Autumn 2016 (October 21-23) 5%
SIMA 2016 (May 5-8) 5%
SIMA Autumn 2015 (October 23-25) 5%
SIMA 2015 (May 7-10) 5%
SIMA Autumn 2014 (October 24-26) 5%
SIMA 2014 (May 29-June 1) 5%
SIMA Autumn 2013 (November 15-17) 5%
SIMA 2013 (May 30-June 2) 5%
SIMA Autumn 2012 (November 16-18) 5%
SIMA 2012 (April 19-22) 5%
SIMA Autumn 2011 (November 4-6) 5%
SIMA 2011 (June 2-5) 5%

In addition, the above amount shall be increased, when applicable, by one of the two percentages indicated in the following table:

Exhibitor in % to be added
Four or five editions out of the last five editions held 50%
Eight or more editions of the last ten editions held 100%

Also, if the payment of the reservation is made before January 17, 2022, the exhibitor will obtain an additional 15% in the score.

PLANNER EXHIBITIONS will prepare a list, which will be available to the companies that request it, with the points obtained by each company.


  1. PLANNER EXHIBITIONS will first contact the company(ies) with the highest number of points so that they can proceed to choose a space, and successively with the following companies.
  2. Tie on points. In the event of a tie on points between two or more companies, the company with the highest number of participations in SIMA and SIMA Autumn from 2011 onwards will have priority to choose the space. If the tie persists, the company that has reserved more meters will have priority to choose the space. If there is still a tie, the order of choice will be established by mutual agreement or, if this is not possible, by raffle.
  3. Deadline for choosing the location. Each company will have a maximum period of 24 hours to choose the location of its stand. This period will start from the moment PLANNER EXHIBITIONS sends the exhibitors floor plan. If no decision is made within this period, PLANNER EXHIBITIONS will continue with the choice of space with the next company on the list.
  4. Binding nature. The companies expressly assume the binding nature of the decisions made by their representatives during the choice of space.
  5. Once the space has been chosen, it will only be considered confirmed when the exhibitor formalizes the space contract with PLANNER EXHIBITIONS


Modifications communicated before the end of the reservation period (before 11:59 p.m. on February 14, 2022):

  1. A new reservation must be formalized.
  2. If the modification is upward, a complementary invoice must be sent as a signal in accordance with the new reserved meters.
  3. If the modification is downwards, the amount paid for the reservation will be deducted from the amounts to be billed after choosing the space.

Modifications communicated after closing the reservation period (after 11:59 p.m. on February 14, 2022):

  1. A downward variation of up to 5% of the meters reserved shall be allowed if, for reasons of space availability, the space of the exhibitor’s choice does not coincide exactly with the space initially reserved.
  2. If the modification is downward and greater than 5%, the points resulting from the new reserved meters will be counted. The amount paid for the reservation will be deducted from the amounts to be billed after the choice of space and the order of choice will be made according to the new score.

Modifications in the meters will not be admitted once the space has been chosen.


During the choice of the space, companies must comply with the exhibitors floor plan designed by the organization.


  1. The exhibitor who has made a valid reservation and renounces it before choosing the space, will lose the amount paid as a deposit.
  2. If the waiver is made after the space has been chosen, the provisions of the SIMA 2022 GENERAL CONDITIONS OF CONTRACTING will apply.


  1. PLANNER EXHIBITIONS reserves the right to reserve special spaces on the exhibitors floor plan for institutions, associations, promotional areas, guest countries, sponsors or others, which will not be subject to this system.
  2. Likewise, PLANNER EXHIBITIONS reserves the right to reserve spaces on the exhibitors floor plan for companies that wish to choose their location without making a previous reservation or, having made a reservation, do not wish to wait their turn for the choice in accordance with the provisions of these general conditions. These spaces will be duly marked on the floor plan.
  3. Once the choice of space has been finalized by the companies participating in this initial phase, PLANNER EXHIBITIONS will allocate the rest of the available spaces as first come, first served.


If, during the space reservation period, Planner Exhibitions decides, due to force majeure, to change the date of the fair, whether or not within the same calendar year, or to cancel the fair without simultaneously announcing an alternative date, exhibitors may choose to maintain their space reservation for the new dates or to cancel it. In the latter case, exhibitors will be entitled to a refund of the amounts paid as a deposit, without any indemnity or compensation of any kind.

Once the space reservation period has ended, in the event of a change of date or cancellation of the fair, the provisions of the General Rules of Participation in the event shall apply.


The formalization of the space reservation for SIMA 2022 implies the acceptance of these General Conditions.